Predator Technology

P.L.F. Limb-Fit System

All Predator take-down recurve bows produced since 1996 feature the Predator Limb Fit (P.L.F) system. This is an interchangeable limb design that allows for any combination of Predator risers and limbs regardless of a bow's age or model. With the P.L.F. system, you can change your bow's draw weight, length, or style without the need for sending the components back to our factory for retrofitting. In addition to this unique interchangeability, the P.L.F. system provides for a solid limb-to-riser mount and consistent limb alignment every time, regardless of how many times the components have been disassembled and reassembled. And unlike other interchangeable systems on the market today, the P.L.F. system is designed and built in the U.S.A. by Predator Bows. This eliminates the confusion and compromises that are typical of other limb systems.

P.L.F. System Limbs

Smooth-drawing, energy efficient Predator limbs deliver stability and performance that have no equal in the marketplace. We offer a variety of decorative back (facing target) options with black glass bellies that follow the "one-piece" flowing lines when assembled with the riser. Solid maple cores help minimize stacking while reinforced limb tips withstand the additional stresses caused by modern string materials. Add optional carbon to the core for slight performance and stability gains. Part of the P.L.F. system, the limbs are interchangable with any Predator riser built from 1996 to present. Available in 60- and 62-inch bow lengths.

Predator Futurewood

Predator FutureWood is made of domestic hardwoods impregnated and stabilized with a proprietary blended acrylic resin for added strength, weight, and pigment. It is superior to exotic woods in performance, durability, and resistance to the elements, all while utilizing domestic wood supplies. This stabilization process allows the use of solid woods and does not rely on multiple laminations that take away from the wood's unique grain and natural beauty, making it superior in every way. FutureWood is available in a wide variety of custom colors, ranging from the most elegant to the very bold.
Fall Brown             Charcoal