Phoenix Longbow

Phoenix Longbow


The Phoenix Longbow utilizes a reflex/deflex design to increase performance while providing a smooth draw. It has a comfortable self-locating grip and low arrow shelf to provide forgiveness and shootability with minimal hand shock. The Phoenix is for the archer who appreciates technology yet honors tradition. Featuring a traditional D-shape when strung and longer over-all bow lengths, it is hard to believe how much smooth power the Phoenix produces. All Phoenix Longbows come standard with carbon cores for increased permormance and stability.

Refer to T/D recurve riser and limb options for other available Phoenix combinations.

Phoenix Longbow Specifications

Bow Lengths: 68 inch
Brace Height: 7.25 to 7.75 inches
Draw Weights: 40-70 lbs
String: Flemish Weave, D77, FF, etc
LEFT: Charcoal FW riser with Red Elm limbs under clear glass front and black glass belly.

RIGHT: Burgundy Rosewood FW and Charcoal FW laminated riser with Yew limbs under clear glass front and black glass belly