LoBo Hybrid Longbow

LoBo Hybrid Longbow


The LoBo is a reflex/deflex hybrid that combines recurve performance with the elegant simplicity of a one-piece longbow. Our goal was to develop a hunter-focused longbow model that delivered on all the key benefits of the heralded Predator recurve line, such as class-leading speed, smooth draw, ergonomic grip profile, point-of-aim arrow shelf, and aesthetic wood combinations.

One of the hallmarks of the LoBo is its slim, self-locating grip, providing for optimal hand alignment. This grip design is a direct carryover from the Predator recurve and, like the Predator, it gives the LoBo optimal hand alignment and neutralizes torque for consistent shot dynamics. Another key design element is the low arrow shelf. This allows the arrow to ride just above the archer's knuckle to help deliver the elusive "shoot-where-you-look" advantage so sought after by true instinctive shooters. In addition, all LoBo models include carbon cores for increased performance and stability. Refer to T/D recurve riser and limb options for other available Lobo combinations.

LoBo Hybrid Longbow Specifications

Bow Lengths: 62 or 64 inch
Brace Height: 7.25 to 7.75 inches
Draw Weights: 40-70 lbs
String: Flemish Weave, D77, FF, etc

Risers shown (left to right)
  • FW = FutureWood
  • Green and Charcoal FW with Mountain Camo limbs
  • Charcoal FW with Red Elm limbs
  • Burgundy Rosewood FW and Charcoal FW with Yew limbs
  • Other woods available upon request