Bocote Custom L/H

Bocote Custom L/H

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P.L.F. Take-Down Riser L/H

Grip - Bocote

Accent Stripes - Charcoal FutureWood

Ends - Charcoal FutureWood


The new Custom Model with the "wedge" shaped accent stripes.  Part of the P.L.F. system, this unique R/H riser is compatible with limbs built from 1996 thru current.  The grip section is Exotic Bocote with Charcoal Futurewood stripes and Charcoal Futurewood ends where matched to limbs.  1/4" x 20 side mount quiver inserts installed and standard.

Riser comes with all assembly hardware and shelf/strike plate material.  If packaged with limbs to become a complete bow, will also include a bow stringer, cat whisker style string silencers, and a Flemish D97 bowstring.