Lobo Trophy Series Longbow L/H 64" 34#

Lobo Trophy Series Longbow L/H 64" 34#


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Lobo Longbow 64" 1 pc.

Riser - Bocote and Bubinga accented with checkered inlay stripe

Back (facing target) - Bocote to Yew spliced with checkered inlay

Belly - Bocote

L/H Lobo 1 pc. Longbow in the "Trophy" style featuring a reflex/deflex design for top performance and little recoil while providing a high end elegant traditional look and feel.  Riser constructed from Bocote and Bubinga divided by checkered accent with a spliced lamination of Bocote to Yew divided by checkered inlay facing target and full Bocote belly.  G10 reinforced limb tips to meet the demands of modern string materials (ff,D97,exc).  Includes shelf/strike plate material and a D97 flemish bowstring.