Mora Limbs 60" 49#

Mora Limbs 60" 49#


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P.L.F. Take-Down Limbs 60"

Back (facing target) - Rich Mora

Belly - Black Glass

Ends(wedge) - Fall Brown FutureWood


Part of the P.L.F. system, these unique limbs are compatible with risers built from 1996 thru current.  Fall Brown wedge where mates to riser. Distinct, rich Mora lamination under clear glass, these limbs will make a 60" bow when combined with riser and are 49 lbs. at 28" draw length.  Draw weight to draw length ratio: 1" draw = 3 lbs. weight (example, these limbs would be approx. 46 lbs @ 27" draw length and 52 lbs at 29" draw length.

If packaged with riser to become a complete bow, will also include a bow stringer, cat whisker style string silencers, and a Flemish D97 bowstring.