Bocote Rogue T/D R/H

Bocote Rogue T/D R/H

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Rogue Hybrid Riser R/H

Grip Heal - Bocote

Middle (Bone) - Fall Brown FutureWood

Front (facing target) - Charcoal FutureWood


The all new Rogue T/D hybrid with available longbow limbs in 58", 60", 62", 64", 66" or recurve limbs in 58".  All rogue components (risers and limbs) are interchangeable R/H or L/H within the Rogue model.  This riser is a simple combination of Bocote grip with Fall Brown FutureWood and Charcoal Futurewood.  Coupled with a set of economical black hunter style limbs, Bocote under clear, or foam/composite core pro limbs will make for a subdued but stunning look.

Riser comes with all assembly hardware and shelf/strike plate material.  If packaged with limbs to become a complete bow, will also include a bow stringer, cat whisker style string silencers, and a Flemish D97 bowstring.