Bocote Rogue Limbs 58" 55#

Bocote Rogue Limbs 58" 55#

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Rogue Take-Down Longbow Limbs 58"

Back (facing target) - Bocote 

Belly - Black Glass

Ends(wedge) - Charcoal FutureWood


Part of the new Rogue system, these unique limbs are compatible with Rogue T/D risers. Charcoal wedge where mates to riser. Bocote under clear glass, Black glass belly, these limbs will make a 58" bow when combined with riser and are 55 lbs. at 28" draw length.  Approximate Draw weight to draw length ratio: 1" draw = 3 lbs. weight (example, these limbs would be approx. 52 lbs @ 27" draw length or 58# @ 29")

If packaged with riser to become a complete bow, will also include a bow stringer, cat whisker style string silencers, and a Flemish D97 bowstring.