Predator Accessories

Two-Piece Bow Quivers

$59.99 - Available in Bark Camo only

This quiver features a light, durable composite construction that mounts to any bow with side-mount inserts (1/4-20 and 10-24 screws and washers included). Rubber gaskets eliminate quiver vibration. A fine-cell, chemically cross-linked hood foam is pre-contoured to accept broadheads, field tips, and Judo©-type points. Replaceable hood foam inserts are available.

Arrow grippers are made of a specialized rubber compound that holds arrows tight, yet remains pliable even in cold weather. Can accommodate up to seven arrows sized from 18/64 inches to the largest shafts. Individual rubber arrow grippers can be removed as needed. Available in 3-D Bark, Acorn Leather, and Black Leather.

Recurve Bow Case


Protects strung recurves or longbows measuring up to 66 inches strung. Large outside arrow pocket. Adjustable flap to accommodate your hunting quiver full of arrows. Convenient half-zipper closure for quick access, yet meets all states' case transport standards. Water-resistant exterior and plush fleece lining.

Flemish Weave Strings

FF and D97 Strings - $14.99
Dacron Strings - $11.99

We build our strings to strict tolerances and all lengths are A.M.O. specification at 100 lbs. tension. Our strings feature adjustable end loops to fit any size bow limb tips.Dacron strings are 16 strands; Fastflight strings are 20 strands; Dynaflight (D97) strings are 16 strands. Available in standard AMO lengths, or may be custom-ordered as needed. Available in a variety of custom color combinations.

Leather Goods

Center Back Quiver - $69.99
Adjustable straps, large front zippered compartment, file sheath, 3-section divider, 7.5-inch opening

Shooting Glove - $14.99
Soft leather with double-layer fingertips, full-palm design and adjustable hook-and-loop strap. (S, M, L)

Arm Guard - $14.99
Thick leather guard with adjustable bungee straps.

Hair Tab - $9.99
"No-Pinch" design, felt backing, and inner stiffener. Order for right- or left-hand. Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Crick-It Draw Check System


Suffering from target panic or missing your draw? Hunter's Niche supplies and recommends the Crick-It Draw Check system for anyone needing assistance in ensuring proper anchor position for every shot.