Predator Bows

P.L.F. Take-Down Bows
Predator take-down recurves feature the smooth, flowing lines of a one-piece bow with all of the advantages of a 3-piece take-down. These recurves combine a timeless style with state-of-the-art technology that has become the "benchmark" of modern recurve bow performance...and the envy of competitive brands. The Predator bow is engineered for optimal grip ergonomics, neutral hand torque and maximum limb dynamics to deliver an unparalleled combination of balance, speed and accuracy. From the elegant hand-crafted hardwood riser with low-profile shelf through the delicately tapered and reinforced limb tips, the Predator draws smooth and never "stacks"-even for long-draw archers. The Predator's whisper-quiet shot and zero hand shock will leave you smiling ear to ear for the trophy pictures to follow.