Two-Piece Bow Quivers


Price: $59.99

Note: Leather quiver is $79.99

This quiver features a light, durable composite construction that mounts to any bow with side-mount inserts (1/4-20 and 10-24 screws and washers included). Rubber gaskets eliminate quiver vibration. A fine-cell, chemically cross-linked hood foam is pre-contoured to accept broadheads, field tips and Judo-type points. Replaceable hood foam inserts are available.

Arrow grippers are made of a specialized rubber compound that holds arrows tight, yet remains pliable even in cold weather. Can accommodate up to seven arrows sized from 18/64 inches to the largest shafts. Individual rubber arrow grippers can be removed as needed. Available in 3-D Bark, Acorn Leather and Black Leather.