...because nothing escapes a PREDATOR!

The Predator Legacy

For over twenty years, Predator take-down recurves have set the standard in traditional bow performance and styling. Originally developed by master bowyer Ron Pittsley, the Predator bow is engineered for optimal grip comfort, neutral hand torque, and maximum limb dynamics to deliver an unparalleled combination of balance, speed, and accuracy. From the elegant hand-crafted hardwood riser with low-profile shelf through the delicately tapered and reinforced limb tips, the Predator draws smooth and never "stacks" - even for long draw archers. Predator bows deliver industry leading performance as verified by independent testing sources. Each bow is hand-built with the same care and attention to detail as if we were building them for our personal use. That's because, as avid bowhunters (and admittedly average shooters!), we recognize the importance quality materials, high engineering standards, and an easy-to-shoot design brings to the traditional archery experience. And that's a legacy we're proud of.